—Note: First place winner in the fiction category of Montcalm Community College's 2019 creative writing contest.
—Total length: 8 pages.

Malady is a short story about a young woman named Nova living in a world ravaged by plague. As a means of "protecting" their citizens, the government allocates eligible citizens a personal android unit that is meant to serve its owner. Nova finds herself growing attached to her android despite initial reservations, and gives it a name: Damien. However, she learns that Damien has some features that leave her questioning whether or not the distribution of these android units have an ulterior motive behind them.
The Demon King

—Note: This is the first chapter of a novel in progress.
—Total length: 18 pages.

The Demon King is about a servant named Celeste who has grown up in the castle of Cyrus, King of demon kind. In this society, demons subjugated humans hundreds of years ago in a world altering war. Now, humans are servants to demons, ranking at the bottom the hierarchy. Celeste believes this to be the case in all kingdoms until she meets her best-friend, Casey, who reveals that a haven for humans is rumored to exist. The only problem, aside from being trapped in the King's castle, is that it's on the other side of the world. After a devastating encounter with the King, Celeste is left with no choice but to leave this Hell and claw her way to salvation.
Shadows Creep

—Note: This is the first chapter of a novel in progress.
—Total length: 8 pages.


Shadows Creep is a story about a necromancer named Nova. Nova lives in a city that's divided into two halves engaged in an ongoing war: Necromancers vs Demons. The Necromancers are ruled by an Oligarchy known as The Council, and the demons are ruled by anarchy. Every Necromancer has a role to fill, and Nova, as a powerless, lowborn necromancer desperately wishes to be anything other than a proletariat doomed feed off the scraps of Nobles. However, her wishes might be fulfilled in the worst way when she ventures out of her apartment during a raid and meets someone out for blood.

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